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Unaware Giantess

I was just minding my own business reading a book when you sneak up. You're so small I didn't notice you, not at first anyway. You scurry up my couch and take a tour of my body, starting with my massive giantess feet. You hurry forward up my legs and get a peek at my panties when I move to scratch my knee and my short skirt rides up. That's not enough for a tiny perv like you, so you continue crawling across my body, past my belly and up to my breasts that loom like mountains before you. How much more will you get to see before I notice you?

POV giantess

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In this clip I spread, tap, and wiggle my toes. I then pick up and stretch a white balloon between my strong dexterous toes.


play-button 08:10

Showering In My Black Dress

Dressed in crotchless fishnets and a tight black dress I turn on my shower. I aim the water at my legs, letting the water soak into my stockings. I move to let the spray hit my dress at my thighs and it greedily absorbs the water, clinging tightly to my body as it gets heavy from the moisture. As I step into the warm stream my dress molds itself to the outline of my breasts. I caress my breasts, my dress now shiny from the water, loving how it hugs my body. I turn and step under the water, soaking my hair, then tease you with a look at my tight ass. My dress becomes so clingy and tight from being wet that it's hard to move in so I unbutton the bottom two buttons of my dress and give you a peak at my pussy while I stroke my stockinged leg. I then move the camera and give you an unclose view of my wetness.

stockings shower wet look

play-button 04:42

Toying with Two Necklaces Topless

Which of my two necklaces do you like better? I put on my first necklace with a soft velvet ribbon and then my necklace with a short delicate chain. What do you think? Which one looks better against the soft skin of my throat? I can't help but play with them: pulling the chains tight against my neck and toying with the pendants.

boobs throat

play-button 08:28

Gold Earrings Ear Cleaning

I start by pulling my ear back and giving you a view into my ear canal. I then gently slide the cotton bud into my ear and twirl it to begin cleaning out the sticky wax. I thrust it in again and again, picking up more wax each time. Getting my ears clean feels so good I can't help but moan. I show you the dirty stained cotton bud before I move to cleaning my left ear.


play-button 25:34

Pink Dish Gloves

My dishwasher broke so I had to wash a giant pile of dirty dishes by hand. I wriggle my hands into my pink cleaning gloves before tackling my chore to keep my hands protected from the hot soapy water.

hands gloves dishwashing housecleaning

play-button 28:14

Upskirt Washing Dishes

My dishwasher broke so I had to wash a giant pile of dirty dishes by hand. Watch my butt shake while I scrub pans from your perv's-eye-view looking up my short dress. I was so intent on my cleaning that I totally forgot to put on panties.

ass upskirt dishwashing housecleaning

play-button 08:04

Black Nails Foot Tapping

My shiny black toenails catch the light as I tap my bare feet on my hard wood floor. Clip alternates between overhead and up-close foot level views.


play-button 05:14

No Panties Ass Flashing

I got so turned on while making my black skirt white thong ass flash clip that I just had to make another! This time when I lift up my skirt you see I'm not wearing any panties. I have several close calls with my bare ass pressed against my window as my neighbors come home.

ass pussy upskirt

play-button 13:13

Messy Feet

I know things are going to get super messy so I start with my cute clean feet in a white tub. I put on a pair of blue nitrile exam gloves to protect my hands from potential stains and then dive in. I pop open the first container of thick black goo and drizzle it onto my feet. The sticky black glaze makes pretty patterns as it drips onto my foot, before congealing into a dense layer covering my foot. I wiggle my toes to make it seep between them. With the first container used up I open up the second and use it on my left foot. I pour it thickly onto my foot, making sure it gets between each of my toes. My feet make wet sticky sucking sounds as I lift them up from the tub and wiggle my toes. I pour on another two containers of mystery goop, including one thin sauce with little seeds. Using my gloved hands I spread the mess all over my feet, and splash in the sauces that have oozed off into the tub. I try to stand up to give you a better look at the bottoms of my dirty feet, but the tub is so slick now I keep slipping. I wiggle my toes—dripping and dirty—in your face, daring you to take a lick. I finish by pouring warm water over my feet trying to clean them, but it doesn't do much good and the glaze continues to cling to my skin. I even try rubbing it off with a paper towel, but that still leaves my feet sticky. I'm going to need a long hot bath after this!

feet gloves messy

play-button 06:38

Gold Earrings Cock Teasing

I know how much the sight of my ears gets your cock hard, so I start teasing you by showing off my ears and pretty dangly gold earrings. I toss my head making my earrings sway and shine in the light. I lick the head of your throbbing cock, my exaggerated movements splitting your attention between my sexy ears and wicked tongue.

bj mouth ear dildo

play-button 07:32

Crunching Munching Almonds

I chomp down on my snack of almonds. Crack! Crunch. I grind them up with my strong, powerful, sharp teeth until they are in tiny bits. Includes closeups of my open mouth while chewing.

mouth eating

play-button 02:37

Squats in Shorts

My ass is right in your face as I do my daily squats. My short shorts are stretched tight as I move showing off my butt and outline of my panties.

POV ass exercise

play-button 06:38

Tapping on My Coffee Mug

Sexy no talking ASMR clip. I tap on my metal coffee mug and plastic lid with my long natural nails. As I move you get to peek at my side boob, underboob, and areolas from under my black cardigan.

boobs hands asmr

play-button 04:28

Barefoot on Sheepskin Rug

Watch my bare feet caress the bright white fur of this sheepskin rug. I tap, stroke, caress, and play with the soft, plush tufts. Indulge with me as I bury my black painted toenails and heels into the thick, luxurious fur.


play-button 07:45

dildo ride

I was incredibly horny the day I filmed this clip so I got my longest, thickest realistic dildo and rode it hard—I didn't even take off my stockings first. My ass bounces up and down in your face as my wet pussy slides up and down your cock. I moan and beg you to fuck me, to pound your hard dick into my pussy. I start rubbing my clit and grinding against you with your cock buried deep inside me as I cum screaming and moaning in orgasmic bliss.

POV feet ass stockings moaning pussy dildo masturbation cum

play-button 04:39

smoke and cum in tub

My smoking fetish is so strong that I just had to cum after filming a previous smoking clip that really made my pussy super wet. My pretty pink vibrator feels so good on my clit-making me moan and cum in no time. I finish my smoke in a post-cum ecstasy.

bath bathtub smoking masturbation cum vibrator

play-button 05:12

Struggling into Clothes

I ate way too much over the holidays and have put on a bit of weight. So now a bunch of my clothes don't quite fit me anymore. Even my panties are hard to get on, and they are really stretchy. I have to suck in my stomach just to get my pants to close. My bra is really tight and makes me feel like a stuffed sausage with too much stuffing. My favorite tshirt is so tight I can barely pull it down over my boobs. I feel like if I breathe too heavily I'm going to bust all of the seams in all of my clothes. UGH! I can't take this! I'm so uncomfortable. I'm just going to have to take all these off again. Maybe I'll just put on my robe—at least I still fit into that.

boobs stuck struggling bra tight clothes

play-button 13:03

Laundromat Shoeplay

Filmed a sneaky public shoe play clip at my local laundromat. Dipping, walking, foot and toe flexing...this clip has it all. I even nearly got caught by the manager!

feet shoes

play-button 07:27

Tired Yawning

I'm so sleeepy! My neighbors have been making a ton of noise and I can't get any rest. I just keep yawning and yawning, hopefully I be able to go to bed soon.

boobs mouth yawning

play-button 07:55

Blow To Pop with Slowed Pop

I am vaguely terrified of the sound balloons make when they pop. So I work up my courage by inflating the balloon nearly to pop multiple times, but each time sucking the air out before it gets too full. The pop comes as a total surprise; scaring the hell out of me. I included a slowed replay of the pop so you can enjoy each frame of my terrified face.

balloons blow 2 pop

play-button 05:06

Pink Balloon Blow and Ride

Wearing a cute pink lace bra and a thong I inflate a pink balloon. I rub the balloon against my body, grinding it against my pussy, bouncing and humping.

balloons thong

play-button 05:56

Nude Balloon Breathing with Heart Rate

I take a big deep breath before blowing up my purple balloon. I swallow the air within and blow it back into my balloon. Again and again I inhale the air each time getting less and less oxygen from the stale air inside. My pulse begins to increase rapidly as my body struggles to breathe. When I can take no more I rip the balloon away from my lips and gulp down the sweet fresh air. And then I do it all again.

balloons glasses boobs

play-button 07:37

Shower Boobs

I get my perfect tits all wet and soapy in the shower. The suds slide down the curve of my breasts and drip off my nipples. I rinse off before squirting more soap directly onto my boobs and working them into a lather while my hand slips off screen to rub my clit making me moan.

boobs shower moaning

play-button 09:06

Sexxxy Christmas Gift

Extended Members-Only version of my Sexy Christmas Gift video with a special orgasmic ending! Hey sweetie, you know how I prefer to make gifts rather than buy them for Christmas? Well, I decided to make you something special, but I'm going to need your help to finish it. I've got this sexy red corset and these sexy and tiny thong panties. I also got these awesome red and white socks. The best part is, they're toe socks. So you know what that means: yeah, they're good for gripping. But as awesome as these candy cane socks are with the cute white fake fur at the top, the rest of my outfit just...needs a few splashes of white. Do you think you could help me with that?

ass socks corset

play-button 15:23

Blacklight Strip and Tease

I start off wearing all white, glowing in the darkness. I remove each piece of clothing after teasing you a bit, revealing more and more of my body. But with each bit of clothing gone the darkness grows, until only my thigh high socks remain. *No Audio*


play-button 05:12

Cute Pajama Striptease

I slowly strip off my cozy footie pajamas. Teasing you with my boobs and butt until I'm nude. Then dancing nude for you and using my onesie like a boa.

strip pajamas

play-button 06:31

Hazmat Suit and Respirator

Covered head to toe in protective clothing I begin to caress my body. My hazmat suit hides my curves, my respirator hides my beautiful face, and my delicate hands are hidden inside my heavy-duty work gloves. I sensually strip out of my coveralls showing off my sexy black bra and panties. My breathing, heavy from my mask and arousal, excites you as I run my gloved hands over my exposed skin. I tease off my gloves and continue groping my body, swaying with each heavy breath. I play with my bra straps, sliding them down my shoulders and cupping my large breasts. My labored breathing sends you over the edge and you're panting along with me.

mask gloves

play-button 06:50

Bubble Bath Tease

Join me for a relaxing bubble bath in my oversized jacuzzi tub. I play with the suds and then rinse them all away. I tease you with my whole body in this clip; feet, legs, boobs, and ass.

bath bathtub

play-button 14:58

BJ and Cowgirl Riding Custom

Custom Request: Fully nude sloppy bj with my squirting dildo followed by pretend POV cowgirl riding and ending with a blow job where you cum in my mouth and I lick your cock clean. Features moaning throughout.

bj custom request POV